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Vikram Mehta Blade Network Technologies President and Chief Executive Officer

Vikram Mehta, CEO of BLADE Network Technologies, brings with him more than 18 years of global business operations and leadership experience in hi-technology sector. He co-founded Nortel’s Blade Server Switch Business Unit (BSSBU) in 2001 and led the business unit from its inception in 2001 through to June 2005, with direct responsibility for product management, R&D, sales, marketing, business development, and OEM support.

He also spearheaded Nortel’s efforts to secure multi-year contracts to provide Ethernet/IP switches to the world’s largest suppliers of blade server systems—IBM and HP. Under his leadership, BSSBU became one of Nortel’s fastest growing business units.

In July 2005, Vikram joined Garnett & Helfrich Capital as CEO-in-Residence.

Vikram joined Nortel through its acquisition of Alteon Web Systems, the world’s leading provider of Web and Application Switches, in October 2000. At Alteon, Vikram led the company’s strategic alliances and laid the foundation for what would later become BSSBU.

Prior to Alteon, Vikram was Vice President of Marketing at Ensim, a young Silicon Valley company and leading supplier of service enablement and automation software for hosted IP and application services.

Prior to Ensim, Vikram spent twelve years at HP in various leadership and executive positions across the company’s diverse operations in India, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, and the United States. His last position at HP was General Manager, Enterprise Servers, North America.