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About Us

Garnett & Helfrich Capital, The Venture Buyout Firm™ is a $350 million fund for mid-sized technology spinouts. Formed in March 2004, with $250,250,000 in capital from leading institutional investors and educational endowments and now expanded to $350,350,000, the firm invests in buyouts in the enterprise software, communications and networking, semiconductors, data processing, and internet content/infrastructure segments of the technology industry.

Garnett & Helfrich Capital is actively looking for acquisition opportunities where the business has ongoing annual revenue of $40,000,000 to $200,000,000, a positive brand and solid reputation in the marketplace for technological excellence, and an installed base of customers who have an enduring relationship with the business.

These businesses may (or may not) be profitable or cash flow positive, may be in need of new technology and products to expand the existing offering, and may be “broken and orphaned” within the parent organization. However, these spinout businesses must possess the potential to be turned into great operating companies that can grow revenue and profits dramatically in the coming years as standalone entities.

What makes Garnett & Helfrich Capital unique is that the founders, Terry Garnett and David Helfrich, have extensive operating experience in starting, building, and expanding “franchise” companies in the technology field. These companies include Ascend Communications, Oracle Corporation, Newbridge Networks, Crossworlds Software, Copper Mountain Networks, and 3Com.

In addition, they have been successful venture capitalists with Venrock Associates and ComVentures, helping to start and grow leading startups into such public companies as New Era of Networks, Cosine, Niku, P-Cube, IntruVert, and Neoforma.

Terry Garnett and David Helfrich’s entrepreneurial and managerial skills are essential components to providing a “hands on” approach to successfully spinning out and renewing growth in the firm’s investments.